S21+ Enhanced Back Office System is running on Microsoft SQL Server Database. User Interface and application are built using Microsoft Access Project and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET optimizing features of Microsoft Office’s products.

With minimal entries, complete control check reports, and reconciliation process, S21+ Back Office will help brokerage office users to finish operation works and achieve NAWC reports in time.

The complete back office system will require some server modules as follow :

  1. SQL Server to store database, stored procedures and jobs.
  2. Host to Host CBest to provide real time interfacing to CBest of KSEI.
  3. Host to Host RDN Bank to provide real time interfacing to RDN Bank system.
  4. Web Account Admin and Reporting to provide opening and updating of client’s account, withdrawal instructions from clients and reporting of sales and clients.
  5. RTBO Gateway to provide real time interfacing to Remote Trading system.
  6. Reporting and Notification Gateway to provide fax email reportings and notifications to clients, sales and users.

  The back office provides some key functions, such as :
  1. 4-Eyes Principle (maker-checker and approver) in all process of static data maintenance, transactions entry, upload import and reportings process, especially in regulatory reportings (NAWC, Form-5.1 and XE1.3).
  2. Change Control System with ability to provide detail changes (new and old data, time, change reason, Single ID and maker checker id) of any revised static data or transactions before approval.
  3. Standard Security using 3DES encryption and MD5 hashing, password and pin management and Single Sign-On with the Windows user.
  4. Stock, Bonds, Derivatives, Mutual Fund Unit, Cross Borders, IPO and Repo & Reverse Repo transactions.
  5. Custom Scheme of Commission and Interest, such as day trading, promotional event, new stock, birthday, progressive transaction, profit or loss selling, over limit interest, etc.
  6. Automatic Script Settlement based on trade list, reconcile to clearing result with collateral, FOP and prematch OTC instructions.
  7. Automatic A/R A/P Settlement based on balance, movement and notification status of RDN Bank and CBest system.
  8. Automatic Corporate Action, Coupon and Maturity of stock, bonds and repo portfolio.
  9. Revise with Auto Reverse Journal, no canceling journal, which is prohibited by regulators.
  10. Integrated Securities, Fund and General Ledger based on new PAPE.
  11. CIF Maintenance with KYC, AML, Blacklist, SDI, CBest Account, RDN and S-Invest Account.
  12. Integrated Trade Surveillance reports with the Remote Trading System.