The wide range of MPC’s product line open various innovation possibility of new bussiness opportunity. Integration between S21+ Core System with other modules within sub systems: Back Office, Datafeed, Algo Server, and FIX Gateway allows the creation of advanced automated and globally connected trading environment. A good collaboration between MPC, Brokers as customer, and other complementary parties will make S21+ is not only a mere product, but more as building block into a much bigger system.

The New Core System: S21 RT++

S21 RT++ is the newest Core System released on the early of year 2016. The key strength point of this system is to bring speed and performa to the next level but at the same time providing advanced features such as High Availability and Load Balancing easilly.

New RT++ Core System delivers more than 10 fold times performance while retaining the same hardware specification. This achieved by implementing new architectural concept that redefines the trading flow implementation.

The other major benefit is flexibility. Modularity concept in the design and the building blocks allows deployment process performed using any number of server boxes, satisfy various requirement and budget. Even more it also provides choices on what kind of OS and Database prefered by customers.

Implementation of S21 RT++ will ensure the availability of system throughput up to the next 10 years. Meanwhile provides a good foundation to build more feature and services on top of it.

Global Connectivity: S21-Koscom-HUB

Global connectivity is an inevitable phenomena and requirement today. It even already knocked on our doorstep. Its not only talking about intra company connectivity (such as branches and secondary offices), but more and involving other parties. It must connect Brokers with Investment Managers, locally, regionally and also internationally.

MPC answer the requirement with enggaging cooperation with Koscom. This is a development cooperation to bring sinergy from both development house and produce S21-Koscom- HUB is born, along with a pair of OMS (BuySide and SellSide).

The new FIX Hub-OMS scheme offers alternatif connectivity between Investment Managers with Brokers locally and globally. Using FIX it also allow connectivity with other established Global HUB.

DR Site Ready

All S21+ Front System Solution are DR site enabled ready. Those modules are selected and arranged based on what type of synchronization needed. Every deployment activity are also includes setup activity on their DR site mirror. Synchronization process employed are designed to be transparent and have a very minor human intervention.