PT. Micro Piranti Computer (MPC) has been established since 1999, and it started with back office system known as S21 Back Office System. The S21 Back Office System is designed to handle all necessary automation process in customer service, contracting, settlement, finance, accounting and risk management, to reduce all overhead and human error.

By 2005 where the IDX stock trading were able to be conducted through Remote Trading System, MPC releases S21 RT as its first remote trading product. Among those other RT system at the time S21 RT system already employ 3-tier architecture. Currently there are more than forty securities companies in Jakarta relies on S21 RT.
After two years of successful implementation of Remote Trading System, the era of Online Trading System was started. By 2008, MPC release its first online trading product known as S21 .NET, which uses Microsoft .NET technology. Today where mobile and web have become part of our daily life, MPC also provides products for Web, Android and iOS mobile trading system.

Today MPC has more than half of IDX’s members and securities companies rely on S21 products and services, which are spanning from back office system, remote trading, internet trading, and mobile trading system. Recently to support IDX’s Derivatives Market, MPC developed Derivative Remote Trading System. S21 products have been standardized and complied to IDX’s requirement.
Catching up with todays technology and bussiness requirement, MPC opens collaboration with both domestic and global partners. Through these collaborations, new products and services have been introduced to answer future needs. Since the end of 2015, MPC and Koscom (IT company owned by KRX - South Korea Exchange) have enggaged a long term partnership in R&D and market development.