Realizing commitment on support and customer satisfaction, MPC ensure several service levels are maintained:
  • Maximum of 15 minutes response time for Front Office and 1 hour response time for Back Office.
  • Maximum of 1 hour resolution time for Front Office and 8 hours resolution time for Back Office.
  • Stand-by staff to work on night shift, available only for Back Office.
  • Online Issue & Tasks Tracking System, accessible at All complains and requests are recorded and can be monitored online.
  • Data & Test Remote Centre (DTRC) Site is accessible remotely by client to conduct various testing and troubleshooting.


The fast pace technology brings ever new perspective in the capital market.
MPC takes product development through perpetual enhancement and innovation.
MPC conducts negative test, stress test, and system integration test continuously to achieve the best quality products.
MPC implements detail and systematic project plan with dedicated project manager to assure the project is running on time.
Sustainability support is the essence of our service to accommodate customer’s business operation at the highest level.
Continuously recruitment is the essential aspect to shape talents up to date to face the new challenges.