PT.Micro Piranti Computer offers wide range of products and providing all customer’s needs at once. Benefits of having the whole system from single platform is to guarantee modules integration and simplicity during implementation process.

MPC’s products portfolio covers ranges of area, includes: Back Office, Front Office, and the extension of of Remote Trading: Internet Trading.Completing the list, come also various complementary modules which provides advances connectivity and functionality.

    S21+ Back Office System covers modules as follows:

  • Stock
  • Bond
  • Derivatives
  • Mutual Fund Unit
  • Repo & Reverse Repo
  • IPO
    S21+ Front Office System covers various modules as follows:

  • Core Server, expandable with feature: High Availability dan Load Balancing
  • Remote Trading Terminal
  • Online Trading (Desktop Application)
  • Online Trading (Web based)
  • Mobile Trading: Blackberry, Android, dan iOS
  • Algo Server
  • Datafeed Processing Server
  • Datafeed Exporting & Multi Media Streaming
  • FIX Gateway module
  • S21-Koscom-Hub Service